Donald Trump loses court appeal to reinstate travel ban

US president Donald Trump has lost an appeal against a court ruling blocking his travel ban on certain travellers and all refugees. The 9th US circuit court of appeals in San Francisco instead asked both the state of Washington and the Trump
administration early on Sunday to file more arguments by Monday afternoon. The Trump administration had launched an appeal againt a federal judge’s ruling that temporarily placed the ban on hold. The higher court’s denial of an immediate stay means legal battles over the ban will continue into the coming week at least.

The US needs Australia, whether Donald Trump knows it or not

As a general rule, alliances between nations as close as Australia and the United States are bigger than the leaders. But with Donald Trump as leader, the general rules have been discarded. While Trump remains president, Australia should be very wary of seeking closer ties, but rather should be willing to let the bigger partner know that we might be small, but we are vital.
On Monday morning, the NFL Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will be played, and despite no Australian participating in the event, barely any Australians even playing the sport, and only a few more who understand it, it will be broadcast live on free-to-air TV over six hours. In a couple of weeks, American cable network HBO will begin broadcasting the TV series Big Little Lies based on the novel by the Australian author Liane Moriarty and starring Nicole Kidman.

Donald Trump fails to mention white man who killed six Muslims in Quebec mosque

Donald Trump has failed to give a statement in one week about the white man who burst into a mosque in Quebec and shot dead six Muslims. The man charged with carrying out the attack is French-Canadian Alexandre Bissonnette, a 27-year-old white
student who supported Mr Trump and far-right French politician Marine Le Pen. Mr Trump has not tweeted about or provided a statement on the shooting which rocked Canada and the world. The President instead tweeted that the US needs to "get smart" following reports that a man armed with a two knives and a suitcase lunged at a French solider in the underground shopping area of the Louvre Museum in Paris, shouting "God is great" in Arabic.

What is Donald Trump's foreign policy?

He's only been in office for less than a month, but US President Donald Trump has made it very clear that it's about the country first. He's promised to re-establish the US as what he calls the "greatest country" in the world. During last year's election campaign, his controversial slogan was "Make America Great Again".
But no one is clear on how he intends to do that. So far he's alienated traditional allies of the US while reaching out to leaders such as Russian President Vladimir Putin. And two weeks into his presidency, Trump's foreign policy is still unclear. In some ways, it mirrors that of former President Barack Obama, while in others, it's a monumental departure.From Iran to Russia, to the Middle East and Asia - we'll explore the direction Trump's foreign policy is likely to take and what challenges he'll face.

Donald Trump says U.S. will work with Kiev and Moscow to end Ukraine conflict

President Donald Trump said he was willing to work with both Kiev and Moscow to resolve a separatist conflict in eastern Ukraine, following a telephone call with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Saturday.
The call was the first direct contact between the two leaders since the inauguration of Trump, whose aim to improve relations with the Kremlin has alarmed Kiev while the nearly three-year-old conflict remains unresolved.

The Prime Minister talks Trump on 60 Minutes

Mr Turnbull sat down with Nine Network’s Political Editor Laurie Oakes for a “wide-ranging” interview on 60 Minutes tonight; but after a week of news which described President Donald Trump’s disastrous phone call to Mr Turnbull as “the worst call ever”,
it’s no surprise the interview focuses on our alliance with the US. Channel Nine have not revealed the full details of the interview, but released a snippet which sees Mr Oakes poking fun at “Prime Minister Trunbull”, off the back of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s unfortunate gaffe where he mistakenly referred to Mr Turnbull as Mr Trunbull not once, but twice.

Donald Trump repeats his respect for 'killer' Putin

Trump on Putin: “I respect a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to get along with them.’ Donald Trump has once again said that he respects Vladimir Putin,
even though the Russian president is “a killer”. Speaking to Fox News, the president appeared to place the US and Russia on the same moral plane in an interview to be broadcast before the most American of sporting events, Super Bowl LI, kicks off in Houston on Sunday.

President Barack Obama and Chancellor Angela Merkel attend a private dinner

President Barack Obama had been dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel after reached in Berlin on Wednesday.
The White House states it is an "informal and also private" dinner at Obama's hotel. Journalists going with Obama are not getting allowed to observe the event. The both leaders porgram a far more formal meeting on Thursday, and will also hold a joint press meeting while Obama is in Germany.